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Related article: Date: Fri, 1 Jan 1999 18:24:43 -0500 (EST)
From: Larry Web
Subject: My Favrite ReststopI have enjoyed the highway reststop on Route 140, just south of
Taunton, Massachusetts ever since I discovered it two years ago. I
have found that the reststops on either side of the highway just north
of Route 79 are quite active, epecially afterdark, and more so on
weekends.A little over two years ago, I checked it out for the first time. It
was a warm Friday nght in early October. I was at home, feeling
especialy horny, and in need of a cock to suck! Although I had passed
the reststop many times, noted the gathering of cars, and suspected it
was a place of gay activity, I had never checked it out - yet.Since I was unable to sleep, I got out of bed aroung midnight, and
decided to drive to the reststop to see if I could find someone to
suck-off. After dressing, I hopped in the car and drove over there.
When I pulled into the reststop along the lolita russian incest porn northbound lanes, I was
disappointed to find no other vehicles. Since I was there, I decided to
wait awhile to see if anybody pulled in.I no sooner lit a cigarette, when I lolita russian incest porn saw a figure walking through the
clearing. He came out of the woods on the northern edge of the parking
lot, walked through the clearing, and entered the woods again on the
southern edge of the lot. Clearly he intended for me to see him. From
what I saw from my car, he appeared to be young and slender, and was
wearing the baggy knee-length shorts popular with the younger crowd.I left my car, and entred the woods at the same place that he had.
About ten feet in, I spotted him. He was standing just off the path,
cock in hand, as if he was taking a piss. I stopped a few feet from
him, took out my cock, and waited. He immediately came over to check me
out. He was legal russian lolita bbs a very striking young man,about 18-19 years old with a
beautiful face. He didn't hesitate at all, he just reached over and
took hold of my cock, which became a rock hard 7 3/4" in an instant.I could not believe my luck! Here was this absolutely gorgeous young
man with my cock in his hand. I am considered handsome, have an
exceptionally nice body, and am 45 years old. I generally don't have a
problem finding someone, but this kid was exceptional! I reached out
for his cock, and wrapped my hand around one fantastic piece of meat; it
was well in excess of 8", straight as an arrow, and with a pretty helmet
head. We were standing there stroking each other, with our sides toward
the parking lot. I turned him so that his back was to the lot, got on
my knees, and took the head of his cock in my mouth. I swirled my
tongue around his cockhead, and began a slow, gentle sucking action.After sucking the head of his cock for awhile, I decided that this kid
really needed a good going over - and I needed to really worship this
fantastuic cock. I stood up, and with his cock in my hand, I led him
deeper into the woods. We stopped close to the back side of the woods.
I returned to my knees in front of him, undid the button on his baggy
shorts, and pullled them and his boxer drawers down simultaneously.With both hand on his butt, I drew him back into my mouth. I didn't
stop until my bottom lip was against his balls, and my upper lip was
flat aginst his abdomen. I had that entire huge, gorgeous cock in my
mouth and down my throat. I began a slow sucking, intending to give
the kid the blowjob of his life. After a few minutes, he was writhing
and moaning. I pulled off his cock, lifted it up against his belly, and chowed down
on his hairless nuts. mouse in lolitas pussy First In took one on my mouth and sucked on it,
then the other. Although it took a cosiderable amont of effort, next I
managed to stuff both nuts in my mouth, and continued to suck on them.
His moaning cotinued and his ass was wiggling all over the place under
my hands. I swallowed his cock all the way down again, and began to
suck hard and fast. It was long before I felt his cock swell up even
larger in my mouth. The kid was ready to cum.I stood, moved behind him, reaced around and started to jack him off.
Suddenly, he started to shake, his knees buckled, and he fell back
against me as he shot a long rope of cum. I pulled him tighter against
me and stroked im again as another long stream of cum shot out.He pulled up his boxers and baggy shorts, said "Thanks, dude, That was
awesome. My name's Trevor. Hope to see you again", and walked out of
the woods. I followed him, as I hadn't seen a car when I drove in. He
stopped at a bush near the parking lot, horny little young lolitas reached down, pulled out a
bicycle, and pedalled south along the roaside towards Route 79. I returned many times, but never saw Trevor again. I learned that the
reststop was a favorite place for horny 18-25 year olds who failed to
score with their dates, and stopped there to get sucked off before they
went home. I met several young men from New Bedford and Fall River
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